For HR and Leadership Professionals: Expansion of Workforce Benefits

Chamber member Prime Lending, together with Employee HomeView, are providing chamber member companies with an opportunity to offer more benefits to their workforce.

PrimeLending has partnered with Employee HomeView (EHV Benefits) a fellow Ohio company to bring to your entire workforce (full time, part-time, independent contractors), and retirees an on-line, suite of real estate and moving benefits, nationally.

Why do we and why should you offer this to your workforce?

It is all at no cost to your company and at no cost to your workforce to access our suite of services – buy, sell, rent, home finance, household goods moving
Easy to implement! Just send out the attached flyer to your workforce
Home-life services reduce hassles, time, stress – therefore fewer distractions and less time taken away from work
Provides significant savings opportunities to your workers (real estate rebates and discounts) that stretches their payroll dollars and reduces financial stress
It just makes sense for today’s complex, high-expectation workforce that you want to attract and retain

100% of workers have a home – whether renting or owning.

Today’s workforce is mobile:

1 out of 6 households move (change residences) every year
And, if not moving right now and “sitting tight” – we can still help them!
20-30% of renters are looking to buy in next 18-24 months
10-20% of all homeowners are considering refinancing

Today’s workforce is diverse: this benefit applies to all

Types – full-timers, part-timers, 1099er’s, retirees/alumni
Ages – millennials to boomers
Lifestyles – single or married; with or without children; urban or suburban; renters or homeowners

Today’s workforce is looking for, and motivated by, more benefits that…

Go beyond the traditional insurances, 401k, vacations etc.
Contribute to home-life balance
They can secure and shop for services on-line
Will save them money, time, hassle

Your workers will be happier and more productive at work!

Call us to Learn More or……Just Implement!

Invite your workers to take advantage of this great benefit – here’s a flyer to distribute to them.

Workforce Announcement Flyer

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