Connecting the dots for the bigger picture in health care

Great things often start with a simple idea, like connecting the dots. That’s what our Whole Health ConnectionSM approach to health care is all about.How it works. We connect the dots in health care — medical, drug, dental, vision, life and disability. Each time a member sees a doctor or dentist or fills a prescription, it’s like a dot on a page. Connecting all those dots gives us the bigger picture — a more complete health profile of the whole person.

Doctors and other caregivers can easily share this information with each other. And seeing the bigger picture early on can help doctors catch chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer or heart disease earlier. And catching diseases early can mean earlier treatments and better results.

How it saves. Connecting the dots gives better data, better insights and better outcomes.

  • Up to 74% lower medical costs and fewer hospital stays, when patients who have chronic disease or are pregnant treat their periodontal disease1
  • $8,000 in medical costs savings for members with a connected medical and disability plan2
  • More than 26,000 diabetics identified earlier through yearly routine eye exams3

How it can work for you
When you add dental, vision, life or disability to our medical benefits, you get improved health care for your employees and cost savings for your business. That’s because we connect member health records, claims and clinical data to help make sure they get better care with greater insight.

See how our products work together for a bigger, more holistic view of health care. Or talk to your Anthem sales rep.

This information is brought to you through collaboration between your chamber, NOACC and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

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